You’re invited to join us in Amsterdam on the 20th and 21st of September for a great 32-hours long competition, where you will have the opportunity to create futuristic applications, meet creative minds, show your talent and build something awesome, while having a great time.

The purpose of this contest is to envision and to build a smart mobile, desktop or web-based application prototype, which makes use of face analytics like age, gender, mood, expressions, head pose, ethnicity, clothing style and ID. This automatic measurements will be available to your application via a simple integration with the Sightcorp F.A.C.E. API.

It is as simple as this:

<form method="post" action=""
      <input type="text" name="attribute" value="age,gender"/>
      <input type="file" name="img"/>
      <input type="submit"/>

We will provide some cool gadgets which you can use to build your app: Google glasses, kinects, odroids, infrared cameras, ARDrones.

The app can be targeted to any field of interest: gaming, market research, advertisement, narrowcasting, authentication, user experience, monitoring, behavioral research, clinical and more.

Individual participants and teams will get the chance to present their smart applications to leading institutions and companies such as the University of Amsterdam, JWT International and ACE Venture Lab. 

The Sightcorp team will be on site to provide training and support.  


Our Sponsors:

     uva-campus            ACE                                    A Lab                            appsterdam



Saturday, September 20th
9:00am - Doors open
10:00am - Brief presentation of Sightcorp technologies and group formation
11:00am - The hackathon starts!
01:00pm - Lunch
06:00pm - Dinner

Sunday, September 21st
09:30am - Breakfast
12:30pm - Lunch
06:00pm - The hackathon ends! Deadline for submissions.
06:15pm-07:00pm - Final team presentations 
07:00pm-08:00pm - Dinner
08:00pm - Winners announcement and awards ceremony!
               - Closing, Social Drinks


Location: A Lab, Overhoeksplein, 1031 KS, Amsterdam (map)


Hope to see you there!

Hackathon Sponsors


1,000 in prizes

1st Place

1 Year Developer License (per group participant, valued at €3.000)

2nd Place

1 Year Developer License (per group participant, valued at € 3.000)

3rd Place

6-months Developer License (per group participant, valued at € 1.670)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


  • All participants must be 18 years old of age or older.
  • You can participate in the event as an individual or a team of up to 5 members.
  • Registration is per person, but you will be asked to identify your team if you have one.
  • Teams can be made up of students or developers. Also, company teams can apply if the company size is not bigger that 50 employees.
  • Eligible applicants must be a team or individual that is physically present at the duration of the event and substantially contributed to the submitted project during the event


  • Eligible platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Each Contestant will be required to provide the following as part of the submission:
  1. A demo video that showcases the functionality of the app
  2. Text description that explains the features and functionality of the Application
  3. An image showing screenshots of your working app
  • Participant teams or individuals must be physically present at the duration of the event and submit the projects on the spot, meeting the defined deadline
  • No online submissions are considered. 
  • Entries, including the Application, cannot violate the intellectual property rights, reputation, privacy or any other rights of Sightcorp or a third party, have obscene or violent content or contain any other material that violates relevant laws or undermines public order and morality.

How to enter

  1. Participants must create a “ChallengePost” account on the Challenge website.
  2. Participants must agree to these Terms and Conditions and comply with all terms and relevant laws applicable to Participants.  
  3. Participants must click on the button "Register for this Hackathon" on our F.A.C.E. ChallengePost page


Prof. dr. Theo Gevers

Prof. dr. Theo Gevers
Professor of Computer Science at UVA

Dr. Albert Wijnen

Dr. Albert Wijnen
Technology Transfer Manager at the University of Amsterdam

Jeroen van Duffelen

Jeroen van Duffelen
Project Leader at ACE Venture Lab

Douwe Dirks

Douwe Dirks
Director of Digital and Creative Technologist at JWT International

Jan Pruis

Jan Pruis
CEO at Sightcorp

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation & creativity
  • Functioning demo
  • Overall quality
  • Usability
  • Potential reach and impact
  • Usefulness
  • Potential for commercialization
  • Best use of Sightcorp technologies and features
  • Technical excellence

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